Monthly Programme 2019/20







17 July

Let’s Face It – Maggies Lines talks about what your face tells us about you

A hand mirror

21 August

A Garden Designer’s Journey – Manoj Maide talks about how he prepared for his Mexican garden at 2017 Chelsea Flower Show

A miniature garden

18 September

A History of Knebworth – WI Member Ann Judge talks about the coming of the railway and the garden village

Largest cooking apple

16 October

My Life in Crime – Retired barrister Simon Michael talks about his life as a crime fiction writer

A favourite crime thriller

20 November

Trends of a Decade – Amanda Sutherland returns to showcase 20th century costumes


18 December

Line Dancing – A have-a-go session with Naomi Wallen from Dance Matters

A Christmas Candle



15 January

Enigmatic Myanmar – WI Member Joy Hall tell us of the many faces of Burma

An unusual holiday souvenir

19 February

The Sleep News – Dan Collins talks about the latest research and theory on getting a good night’s sleep

An alarm clock

18 March

Time to Talk – WI style speed dating

A handbag

15 April

All the Queen’s Horses & All the Queen’s Men (and Women!) – Ex cavalry office Keith Baldwin talks about those who guard HM The Queen

Spring wild flowers

20 May

Annual Meeting

A WI limerick

17 June

Georgian Housekeeping – Adam Smith talks about Susanna Watman’s 18th century book on Georgian Housekeeping

A Pretty Plate