What happens at a meeting?

The running order of the meetings varies but there are normally two main parts to the evening:

WI Business

The President will go through any WI notices. These can include courses or events being organised by other WIs or may be about up and coming events that the WI will be involved with (Litter Pick Day, Village Fete, Quiz Nights, providing refreshments as village events) or just general housekeeping issues, like who’s turn it is to make the coffee!


The speaker for the evening will take centre stage and these are usually hugely enjoyable talks or activities.  Sometimes the main event is an activity session.

Between these two section of the evening, whatever order they occur in, we have an interval. The members catch up with their friends, have tea and cake and sign up for events that they want to attend. At the end of the evening we draw the raffle.

We have a raffle (tickets usually 20p each) and there will be a sales table which sells craft items, produce and other items donated by members.  If you are a visitor the charge is £4 but once you have joined as a member the evenings are free.  As a visitor you can come on 3 consecutive months.

It is our tradition to start each meeting by singing ‘Jerusalem‘.